Len Johnson

Mr. Johnson is currently retired and enjoying using a lifetime  of experiences and success in many areas as a volunteer supporting interesting opportunities.  These include helping start-ups with business plans as well as supporting the Paso Digital Film Festival.
Mr. Johnson is last held a position as a a senior sales executive in the Industry Systems Division of the IBM Corporation.  He leads the Digital Video Solutions area of initiatives for IBM servers and storage.  He has been with IBM in a variety of positions for 19 years. 
Mr. Johnson has in his forty year plus career in data processing progressed from the programmer analyst role through systems analyst and data base administration to consulting.  Capping off all these experiences and expertise, Mr. Johnson has now moved to sales with unique background of having been a client first.  During his journey Mr. Johnson has had several leadership roles in many diverse industries including: Security (video surveillance and CCTV), Entertainment (Music, Film, Home Video and Television), Retail, Distribution, Advertising, Banking, Utilities, Newspapers, Manufacturing, Government, Aerospace and Airlines
In his last role for IBM Mr. Johnson provided leadership both within IBM and to its clients in the area of Digital Video Solutions.  These solutions areas include Digital Video Surveillance, Production Broadcast, Digital Video Archiving and Digital Content Distribution.
For the past six years Mr. Johnson has been focusing on these specific solutions areas and has spoken at industry events on the topic of the future of technology in Digital Video Surveillance, and the Migration of video from Analogue to Digital as well as other related topics.  He brings a passion and excitement about this industry and its future where ever he goes.