Sand Hill Road in

Palo Alto, Silicon Valley California


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Sand Hill Road runs along the north boarder of Stanford University between Interstate Highway 280 and the El Camino Real in Palo Alto, in Silicon Valley.

Many beautiful homes and a number of apartments where Stanford University students live all dotted with a very notable and high concentration of venture

capital companies.  Has been compared to Wall Street and the relationship to the stock market...Wikipedia reported during the dotcom boom

commercial real estate on Sand Hill Road was more expensive than anywhere else in the world, higher that even in Manhattan.

The Starbucks on Sharon Park just off Sand Hill Road in a shopping center is listed as one of the top meeting and deal making hangouts in

Silicon Valley due to the fact it is one of the only "hang out" kind of places on Sand Hill Road.  I have visited there a number of times and no

doubt there is the deal making buzz going on with the java buzz...laptops plugged in at ever table and just drinking java you hear terms like

startups, venture capital, incubators, first round financing and more...

Woodside, California

The Woodside area was originally home to natives belonging to the Ohlone tribe,

then came the Spanish and on to pioneers and a famous stage coach run from

up from highway 1 to Silicon Valley.


Great history from then through the lumbering and pioneer days to now where it

is known as one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Silicon Valley...folks

living in the hood are the likes of Softbank's billionaire who recently bought one

of the most expensive homes in the USA located in Woodside, tech billionaires

Gordon Moore, Jeffrey Skoll, John Doerr, and Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison who built a $200 million dollar home.  The area is ranked 22nd on Forbes' 2012

list of the most expensive zip codes.


Listed on many of the places to schmooze and make deals in Silicon Valley

is at the old famous Pioneer Saloon and Bucks Restaurant not too far a drive

off El Camino Real heading west...or you can exit Woodside off Interstate 280...


Joan Baez lives in Woodside and Neil Young lives on his famous Broken

Arrow Ranch there, where he records some live music and hides from the road...





Whisky Hill


Every Sunday the Pioneer Saloon is jammed to the rafters with people who come out to enjoy the reasonable drinks generously poured Bar Tender- Angela.  The Sunday Jam is headed up by

Terry Hiatt and Brett Brown. 


On my visit there Angela, showed me her book of history on the old Pioneer Hotel and the town of Woodside, from the stagecoach history to the great music going on now, and about all the

hideouts for the rich in the surrounding mountains and woods...


The Saloon was built in the mid 1800's when the lumbering trade was being was

known as Whisky Hill then came the Pioneer Saloon...a stage coach stop and a "skid row"

where the lumber jacks could let off steam from the hard work dragging lumber down to the

Redwood saw mills...










view back looking at Silicon Valley heading west to the sea

great scenery heading west from Woodside

runs next to Buck's in Woodside



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