Making Billion Dollar Deals on

University Avenue and Sand Hill Road in

the Valley of Silicon's Palo Alto and Menlo Park

The California Gold Rush meets the Texas Oil Boom on Wall Street in Dubai...

where the Facebook Mafia, Google Mafia, Paypal Mafia, eBay Mafia,

and maybe more millionaires, billionaires, multibillionaires and multibillionaires,

startup deals, IPOs, do java, chat and chew in the top technology center of the world

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Part of the Digital Paradigm shift is that this

the theater and the Borders is closed now...

A number of blogs, articles and websites list the University Cafe at 271 University Ave. as one of the key deal makin' doin' lunch,

or drinking java meetin' places in Silicon Valley.  The few times I sat and had a cup of java the place is a buzz with tech talk, and

you hear the key funding, startup jive talk...hear tell that the 5 block area up and down University has a concentration of 40 plus

Venture Capital offices in the various buildings above the many dinners, coffee houses, restaurants that run both sides of the Ave.






J.P. Morgan needs no introducing and Autonomy is a huge HP company with offices world wide, dealing in "information technology.

Accel Partners just done University Ave from Peets Coffee were an early investor in Facebook, and just from the silver elevator

doors you feel like you are moving up when you jump on to ride up to their floor...


The Palo Alto Apple Store on University Ave.

Head under the bridge on University Avenue onto the Stanford Campus





Virtual Online in April



Mark Cuban's Aquarius Theater at 430 Emerson St.

just 1/2 block off University Ave...Landmark theater system

The Old Pro Sports Bar & Grill with deal making and college kids everywhere

just off of University Ave on Ramona Street








Chat and Chew...Drink and Deal



Sand Hill Road



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